The Happiest Place On Earth

Posted by Relax Remedy on Nov 15th 2019

Having spent the majority of my childhood in Florida, you would have thought I had Disney facts coming out of my ears, and that my house is filled with mouse shaped objects and inspirational&nbsp … read more

Columbus Day - Stretch Your Horizons

Posted by Relax Remedy on Oct 11th 2019

Columbus Day is coming up and I for one am really looking forward to it, although I have heard that it is the most inconsistency celebrated holiday in America. I think this is so sad. Although I kn … read more

Home Away From Home

Posted by Relax Remedy on Sep 4th 2019

Is anyone else out there suffering from the holiday blues? My family and I had a lovely summer visiting family in various parts of England and Texas. My boys adored Texas as they are proper outdoors … read more
Finding your Relax Remedy

Finding your Relax Remedy

Posted by Relax Remedy on Aug 12th 2019

I am going to attempt to restart the Relax Remedy blog, although I have yet to decide if it will be on weekly, monthly or when inspiration hits me. I feel that small companies like ours should do s … read more
Ditch the Liquid Soap

Ditch the Liquid Soap

Posted by Relax Remedy on Apr 21st 2015

Who doesn't love the beauty of a handcrafted bar of soap. There's a certain sense of uniquness knowing no other one  looks quite alike. What I found fascinating was the wonders they can do for yo … read more
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